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Ie the most number of 642 species. In East Java there were 390 species in Central Java, while only 295 species. Judging from the growth of the habitats plateau with a height of 500 m -1500 m is a good place for orchids because of the diversity of orchid species more than in the lowlands.

In addition, based on conversations with residents, it has long been conducted by orchid hunting community in the area. There among hunter hobby, there is indeed a professional. Some for display in the yard, but mostly for resale to various regions. If not controlled, would eventually be many orchid species are missing from this region.

These include the underlying desire to be able to start doing the ex-situ conservation of various species of orchids native species of West Java. In the early stages, these orchids in the area we collected the utilization zone or block in Park KW Masigit Kareumbi Buru. In addition to collecting various types of species of West Java, we also try to identify local species around the area. As in the first attachment opportunities orchid species, 15 species in the forest area Rasamala on Wednesday (15/04) was found 2 types of small local orchids. Kedunya we could not identify.

Recorded 15 species of orchids that we have a tree to see a match stick grow and security at the site, considering we only just put them in the trees around the homestead area at an altitude of 2 meters. Although we try to accurately as possible, still, we had difficulty identifying the type and the Latin name of each of these species and only rely on the Internet as well as information from colleagues to help identification. If there is writing or a wrong identification, ask the correction.