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Sex is pleasure to be enjoyed, but that does not mean we should enjoy it in any way. . .
An elderly man name Mr Hanan, Tangerines original Songhai never appeared on the show that's not fronted Mr. Four Eyes Tully Ariana, because of its advantages to be married less than a hundred women. But now only a few who still live with it. With pride she told me all this time there were no problems in sexual affairs while married many, because during his wives feel satisfied. Courage remarkable. What a pity he did not share the secret, what herbs to use egg or something. Or perhaps he had a peg again what so Hohhot. . . .
Sex is something that always attract a conversation from a young to an old man. We have a chance at Companion expert, Ms Lubes Mariska that always comes with interesting articles and curious. I was not interested in this issue also be intrigued to follow and passengers to write about this topic. Since I am not an expert, could only just be recorded according to the understanding alone. If Mom Mariska please read the input.

During the life could marry more than one hundred women and can serve also incredibly powerful. In fact he could make a young, visible from the father of Mr Hanan, who looks his seventies is still alive and healthy. Sex can make it true ageless? Now, please Mom Mariska analysis, if you can! But some of my friends also have this opinion. Sex can make it young, because it can release the stress, they said. Path if no more than one wife as impingementhe will do it with a 'pocket' of young leaves. Well, the dangers of too ya.
Perhaps only a suggestion only, I thought, so I had no intention of following in the footsteps friends. But many who believe this as truth, because he said after making that connection and clear the mind so easily, and it can also as a means of healthful exercise. I also remember, once a place where I work, there was a security guard who was also hooked mate, he had reached a hundred. Each shelter sector in a region, he will seek the young leaves or a widow to marry. So there is everywhere ex-ex-wife, and unfortunately I see it looks it does look younger and cheerful. It could be someone thought so.
In order to stay young and fun while trying to do something that is not normal and the sacrifice of women as objects rebound. Because after being sucked nectar left behind just like that, and she is getting bitter. Women only used as objects for pleasure, it's no wonder even been married a hundred women, mostly abandoned. Because the goal was just to enjoy the female body is 'legitimate'. instead of snacks, he said sin. This what ya thinking?
I see this time security guard to tell his adventures with a runaway and no pride. No time to think about the situation ex-ex, that may be in guiding their children who do not know who her father.
Sex is important in this life and pleasure to be enjoyed. But no need to do so by all means to enjoy it. Suffice it to enjoy it with your partner and if done with love, I believe rose is enough to make us stay young.